How to use the online handbooks
2020 Edition
This publication is designed as an educational tool and contains information to assist health practitioners in the diagnosis and management of individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma.
2019 Edition
This publication can be used as a complementary, educational tool, focusing primarily on managing community-acquired infections and when necessary assisting in the selection of appropriate antibiotics.
Men's Health
2017 Edition
Family practice is a common entrance point in the health care system for preventative health strategies and management of acute and chronic illnesses in men.
2014 Edition
Anemia occurs commonly and has an independent impact on both length and quality of life. It can be a confusing condition whether as a single entity or as one symptom of a more complicated and/or chronic illness.
Developmental disabilities
2011 Edition
Developmental disabilities (DD) or intellectual disabilities are terms used synonymously in Canada. Learning disabilities is sometimes used in other jurisdictions.
This publication focuses on meeting the needs of busy family practitioners for concise, relevant advice to assist them in the diagnosis and management of individuals with hypertension.
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