2013 Anti-Infective

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New edition anticipated release is for 2018/2019 : Mid to late December. If the NEW edition is released within 90 days of your purchase of the 2013 edition, then a discount (50% off) will be available for the purchase of the new edition. A receipt for the older publication will be required.

ISBN: 978-1-894332-14-9

The publication Anti-infective Guidelines for Community-acquired Infections was developed with input from a mix of health professionals with expertise in several fields and practising in a variety of clinical settings. In addition, hundreds of health professionals have provided comments on various editions and this has helped create a very practical and relevant document. We sincerely thank all reviewers for their input and ongoing support.

This publication can be used as a complementary, educational tool, focusing primarily on managing community-acquired infections and when necessary assisting in the selection of appropriate antibiotics.


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