All FAQs

All FAQs
How can I get bookstore pricing?

Bookstores may contact us for pricing information:, 416.597.6867 or toll free: 1.877.876.4580 

Purchased Guidelines

Orders purchased on our website usually ship in 10 - 14 business days. Faster expedited shipping may be available at an additional cost — contact us at

How can I change my password?

Login into the website and click on the account button located in the top right corner. Click the profile/customer account button to edit your account details. 

I am not able to process my credit card.

Make sure the billing address you entered on our website matches the address on your monthly credit card statement. 

How do I pay for an order I previously created?

Login to your account and click on the account button located in the top right corner. Click the orders button to view your order history. You may then press the REORDER button and continue to the checkout. Continue through the checkout to process and pay for your order.

iPhone App

Currently, the Anti-infective Guidelines are available as an app for the Apple iOS platform on the App Store. The online version of the handbooks can be viewed on iOS devices.

If you own the iPhone app and would like to receive your discount code for website purchases (online or print). Tap the "MUMS Paact" icon located at the bottom right corner of the app. Complete the registration process and you will receive your discount code via email.

Android App

No native app Android is currently available. The online version of the handbooks can be viewed on Android devices.

How do I get my student discount?
To receive any available discounts for your first year select "Student" in the "Profession/student" dropdown and fill out the rest of the additional fields. Your student discount will be automatically applied. Sign up here.
Is there an digital version of the handbooks?
Yes! You can access it here.
How do I cancel my subscription renewal?
You may cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the My Subscription page then clicking cancel button in the "My Subscriptions" tab. You can continue to access the materials for the remainder of the subscription period. The cancellation will assure that the renewal is not activated. This is a prepaid annual subscription, and there will be NO full refunds or partial refunds for unused portions of the subscription period.
Can I access the handbooks on multiple devices?
Yes. Just login on that device using your username and password.
Where can I download my receipts?
You can access your receipts in the my subscription page under the "Subscription History" tab.
Getting started

Login at using your email address and password using a browser like Safari, Google or Firefox.
For quicker access during future logins:
Click the "remember me" box and also Bookmark the website as a Favourite.

Navigating the online handbooks

Each handbook has a Table of Contents tab that can be clicked to open or close. This is found in the top left corner of the webpage. Next to the Table of Contents is a Search feature. Clicking the icon (looks like a magnifying glass) will open a blank space for typing. There are other settings on the top right of the screen, including one that allows you to set the view (single page vs two-page spread).

Adding MUMS Handbooks as an icon on your Desktop/Laptop (beta)
  1. Make sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser.
  2. Login at using your email address and password
  3. Click the "Install MUMS Health Handbooks" button at the top right of the URL bar (see image below)A screenshot of
  4. Click install when prompted
  5. The website will open automatically. An icon on your desktop should also appear that will take you directly to the selection page
Adding an app icon on iOS/Android devices

iPhone/iPad Users can create an app/icon on the home screen to allow for quicker access. Instructions are at this link:

Android Users can also create an app/icon on the home screen for quicker access.
There are different devices please search the Internet for specific instructions.
Possible search phrase "how to create a home screen icon for a website on android device" or see this link:

No Internet Connection