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Anemia PAACT

Full program: 15 MAINPRO+ Credits

Course Description:

  • An independent educational program about the optimal management of common anemias.
  • Participants will engage in facilitated, case based discussion on the following topics: 
    • Microcytic Anemia (2 cases)
    • Normocytic Anemia (2 cases)
    • Pediatric Anemia (1 case)
    • Macrocytic (megaloblastic) Anemia  (1 case)
    • Cancer Related Anemias (Undiagnosed cancer and Post-chemo)  (2 cases)
  • Interactive, case-based, small group learning modules.
  • Needs assessment and MAINPRO certificate upon completion of post-reflective evaluation 


Program Modules
Number of MAINPRO+ Credits
1. Microcytic Anemia – Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA)
2. Normocytic Anemia: ACD and Anemia in the Elderly
3. Pediatric Anemia
4. Macrocytic Anemia (Megaloblastic)
5. Cancer Related Anemias  (Undiagnosed CA/ Post chemo)


Materials Provided:

  • The Anemia Guidelines for Family Medicine (‘orange book’), participant manual.


3 to 5 hour workshop

The number of credits received will depend on the number of modules covered during the session.

Total course fee depends on number of modules presented and CME subsidy. 


Lead facilitators: Dr. F. Martino, Dr. J. Meuser and Dr. John Jordan

Conflict of Interest: None.  Independent program; materials wholly developed and controlled by health professionals.