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About MUMS Guidelines

Independent Medical Education developed by Health Professionals.

Since the early 1990’s a team of health professionals has been developing peer-reviewed, evidenced-based guidelines. This well recognized “orange-series” of guidelines began with the Anti-infective Guidelines for Community-acquired Infections and has expanded to cover a range of topics. Thousands of health practitioners have come to trust these user-friendly guidelines in their daily practice.


(PArtners for Appropriate Community Therapy)

PAACT is one of the longest running, evidence-based continuing medical education program that utilizes the “orange-series” guidelines. Initially, starting with the ‘community antimicrobial stewardship program’, PAACT now offers a number of topics.  This independent antimicrobial program is one of the few that has peer-reviewed published evidence of the program’s effectiveness in curtailing overuse of unnecessary antibiotics both in Canadian and USA communities. In addition, it has received international acclaim for its ability to mobilize efforts at a grass roots level.